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Instruments Identification Services
Emcon Surgical Technical Service (STS) is committed to ensuring quality performance throughout the life of every instrument. Our Instruments Identification Program delivers Quality, Service and Flexibility. Color Coding
(1):. Instruments stay organized.
(2):.Economize processing time.
(3):.Identify via set or department.
(4):.Prevent instruments misplacement.
(5):.Fully autoclave-able and durable.
(6):.12 months warranty cover.

Our Quality Promise
In the European Union Medical Devices are subject to a series of uniform laws and the EC directive places rigid demands on surgical instruments. Surtex Instruments is proud to claim that we have always surpassed the legal requirements to ensure that each instrument reaching the surgeons hand is indeed a testament to surgical craftsmanship.
Our certifications are listed below
Instructions for Reprocessing of Reusable Surgical Instruments
The following instructions are for all reusable medical devices supplied by Emcon Surgical unless stated otherwise with the packaging of the product. These instructions are intended for use only by persons with the required specialist knowledge and training.